EDDY Tug 30-65 'EDDY 1'

Construction and delivery of a EDDY TUG 30-65 design

The first ever EDDY Tug has been delivered for operational service this month.

The design, developed and built around three basic principles, Economy, performance and safety, has performed excellently during her trial period, and has lived up to the high expectations of all parties involved. 

'EDDY 1' will first be introduced to the market at the ITS Conference, which will be held in Hamburg this June. As the tug has been highly anticipated, expectations are that she will be quite an eye-catcher.

After the ITS Conference, 'EDDY 1' will be made available to several operators to gain further operational experience, and to create affinity with the concept. 

The tug has been built with the following specifications:

Lenght o.a.:30,30 m

Breadth o.a.:13,40 m

Draft:4,75 m

Max Speed:13,5 Kn

Bollard Pull:65 tons

Class : BV I +HULL • MACH ESCORT TUG, AUT UMS, Unrestricted Navigation


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