Boskalis Accommodation Giant 7

Construction delivery and installation of a 73-persons accommodation module

Boskalis contracted Holland Shipyards for the design, construction, installation and delivery af an accommodation module on board their Giant 7.

The accommodation, which countes seven levels, contains the following areas:

- A bridge that accommodates all equipment controls on the barge. 

- Cabins for a complement of 73 persons, divided over single and double occupancy cabins. 

- A fully functional restaurant, with galley and stores.

- General office and meeting areas.

- Fitness area.

- Lounge areas.

- Laundry facilites.

- Change room.

- Sick bay.

- Technical support systems.

The module was built within a relatively short timeframe, with the barge already under tow to The Netherlands. 

After installation of the module on deck, and some additional project outfitting, the Giant 7 set sail to the Baltic just before the new year. 


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