Rotra Vente | Rotra Mare

Modification containerships to heavy cargo ships - roll on/roll off

On behalf of Concordia Group, Holland Shipyards launched a new project in November 2015. With an existing casco from China at the yard we started with the section building in the ship. What are the details of this ship?

• Ship with working deck and ballast tanks
• Accommodation fully installed
• Built in machineroom 
• Middleship equipped with pumping system
• A 4 meter high coaming on the deck, with a movable ramp/mobile tent of steel construction with plating
• The bow is lifted by two lifting arms, including a 16 meter driveway platform that extends to the shore
• The ship can be loaded to the desired depth
• The ship is also equipped with 4 pairs of heeling tanks to stabilize the ship during loading and unloading.

The size of the project was 1250 tonnes, and the design of the bow, the ramp, the mobile tent and the ballastsystem where unique to this project.

During the construction of the Rotra Vente, completed in October 2016, the construction of sistership Rotra Mare was started in June 2016. The Rotra Vente and Rotra Mare are used for the transport of wind turbines, towers and blades.

The Rotra Vente and Mare are similar ships with many similarities. The biggest difference between the two ships is that there is no standing coaming and no mobile tent on the Rotra Mare. Instead, 4 pieces of gantry were placed to transport the windmill blades. Under the gantry the windmill can be transported so it can be loaded double.

The Rotra Vente is special for turbines, but can also load towers. The Rotra Mare can transport towers and blades when the gantry’s are used and is also suitable for transporting turbines without gantrys.

We thank the Concordia Group for this beautiful assignment and pleasant cooperation.


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