IJveer 60/61

Newbuild of two ferries for GVB Amsterdam

"IJveer 60” and “IJveer 61" are the last delivered ferries for GVB Amsterdam. The shape and appearance is an extended version of an already proven model and similar to the other ferries sailing over the IJ. The design is characteristic, with a smooth line play to the bridge deck. This gives it a modern look. The ferries are in possession of a number of ornaments with a reference to the Amsterdam school.

Apart from the appearance, the technical construction has been modernized and progressive.

  • The ferries are hybrid driven and therefore energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • An exhaust gas treatment system has been installed
  • The passenger capacity is increased by an extension of 6 meters
  • The device is based on optimal passenger flow, spacious waiting areas and automatic sliding doors when lowering the load valves.
  • Around the ferry is plastic fencing for minimal damage to the ship

The "IJveer 60" and "IJveer 61" are designed with as top priority safety for passengers and staff.
Safety for the staff is accomplished by:

  • The decks and landing can be seen from the bridge for optimal visibility of the work area
  • On both sides of the bridge there are the same ergonomically designed desk sets for optimal working conditions
  • The maneuvering features have a very high standard. The stirring propellers on the front and rear ships are attached to the center line. Because they stand apart, it is very good to maneuver the ship in the right place.
  • The inflow of water to the stirring propellers is almost 100% at the front and back.
  • The engine rooms and technical areas are designed to always be easily accessible to staff and maintenance engineers.
  • When lowering the drawer valve, the sliding doors automatically open for a fast flow of passengers.
  • The ship is quieter for passengers and the environmen  

The complete engineering and construction took place within Holland Shipyards. This included maximum control over quality and progress during construction.

The technical systems have been developed by authorized subcontractors who also have knowledge of and experience with the delivered installation. As it is a new design GVB has been very involved throughout the entire production process and has also actively contributed to achieving the optimal end result.

After a successful trial, the "IJveer 60" and "IJveer 61" were transferred to the GVB in October 2016 and March 2017 and put into operation at the IJ in Amsterdam. Since then, they have been in full operation for the carriage of passengers on the IJ.

Main dimensions:
Length: 33.60 m
Width: 9.00 m
Depth: 2.73 m
Draft: 1.66 m
Draft incl. stirrer propellers: 2.42 m
Number of passengers: 410
Number of (motor)bikes: 160 + 310 passengers
Speed: 19 km / h




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